Users often take commodity hardware for granted and forget that it is not absolutely durable and can be easily damaged. It is not something you can trust when your business is at stake. That is why we developed a lot of mechanisms for you to rely on our solid technology – not on sheer luck.

Protect your data…

Astorex offers a diverse range of data redundancy types: from simple policies for temporary data to Reed Solomon. They divide critical data into parts on the basis of complex algorithms and distribute these data to different machines. In this case even if 4 computers fail it won’t affect data integrity. At the same time these algorithms keep storage overhead level on 25%. You can expect all your data to be in safety even if more than 30% + redundancy level hardware fails.

…and the whole system!

Astorex storage system has no single point of failure due to its architecture. Critical modules have 4 copies on the servers across the network. The one that is currently working is Master Module, the ones that are in a stand-by mode - are Slaves. In case the server that contains Master Module fails, any of the existing Slaves is ready to take its place and continue the working process without letting the system shutdown. We call this service Master Elector that grants the system absolute stability and protects it from any kinds of failure.