SMR disks – or Shingled magnetic recording disks are a new but very promising technology that will soon make data storing even more easy and cost-effective. But none of the now existing storage solutions can actually benefit on this technology yet except for Astorex..

Why are SMR disks revolutional?

The main advantage of these disks is their enormous density of information writing and extremely high storage capacity. With narrower and overlapping tracks of data written on SMR disks it is possible to have 30% more information on SMR disk than on a usual one. However if you provide a typical workload to those disks then you will not get benefit of extra capacity.

We look into the future

Astorex is the only cloud storage to introduce compatibility with the cutting edge SMR-disks at all. And the compatibility has proved to be excellent. We are experts in SMR and have implemented a technology to efficiently use shingled disks at full capacity and with high performance. With this we offer additional 30% data reduction. By supporting SMR-disks usage Astorex makes a step forward and sets absolutely new standarts for data storing.