Keeping your expenses at minimum is essential for every successful business. Today when almost everyone has to deal with big data that has to be stored somewhere it’s all about finding the right storage solution. And we assure you Astorex storage is the best one.

How do we make it affordable?

We offer you two basic but significantly improved features of space – and, therefore – money saving on the market: data compression and deduplication. Both of these features are implemented into our storage and make Astorex a highly affordable and efficient storage solution. The more use you get from every bit of space on your storage – the less hardware you need to buy. Efficient usage of data also makes backup and recovery processes much easier and quicker.

We've improved it!

With the help of a wise and practical algorithms and components all data on Astorex storage is divided and compressed into neat blocks that are absolutely unique due to the instant elimination of any duplicated data and is easily compressed. Astorex data compression is highly effective and has a 3:1 ratio which means you can minimize the used physical space 3x whatever the size of the stored data is. Immensely advanced deduplication allows you to free the physical space on your storage up to 10 more times. We support variable sizes and variable offset dedup. But what’s more – both compression and deduplication are completely encryption friendly (including 256 AES encryption)! All for the sole purpose of having data bits packed close to each other and leaving no byte of the storage space unused.