The term of cloud technology itself has been vague and unfathomable for vast audiences since it has appeared. And even today with the ubiquitous implementation of cloud products in our life and work it hasn’t become much clearer, even for the users. Astorex, however, presents a simple and elegant system - dealing with it you won't need any guidance at all.

Easy to install

One of our main goals was to make its product wise and simple. Unlike many storage offers out there Astorex doesn’t require professional skills or any sort of special experience to install and to use it. What you need in order to get the most of our storage - is simply have an OS, which can be easily downloaded from our server in less than 2 minutes. We’ve prepared all the required configurations to make the software installation process as smooth as possible.

Easy to use!

After that – you are free to enjoy all the advantages of our storage. You can add or remove disk by yourself. You can use a simple CLI tool or a Web application. There are no redundant layers - only folders and files and all the policies you can apply on this level. Our snapshot feature allows you to modify your data, delete it and rollback in seconds to get your data in a state it was 15 minutes, 2 days or even weeks ago. We give you opportunity to use Astorex storage on your own - without professional help and without fear of doing the wrong thingi!