Users often take commodity hardware for granted and forget that it is not absolutely durable and can be easily damaged. It is not something you can trust when your business is at stake. That is why we developed a lot of mechanisms for you to rely on our solid technology – not on sheer luck.

Protect your data…

Astorex offers a diverse range of data redundancy types: from simple policies for temporary data to Reed Solomon. They divide critical data into parts on the basis of complex algorithms and distribute these data to different machines. In this case even if 4 computers fail it won’t affect data integrity. At the same time these algorithms keep storage overhead level on 25%. You can expect all your data to be in safety even if more than 30% + redundancy level hardware fails.

…and the whole system!

Astorex storage system has no single point of failure due to its architecture. Critical modules have 4 copies on the servers across the network. The one that is currently working is Master Module, the ones that are in a stand-by mode - are Slaves. In case the server that contains Master Module fails, any of the existing Slaves is ready to take its place and continue the working process without letting the system shutdown. We call this service Master Elector that grants the system absolute stability and protects it from any kinds of failure.

Keeping your expenses at minimum is essential for every successful business. Today when almost everyone has to deal with big data that has to be stored somewhere it’s all about finding the right storage solution. And we assure you Astorex storage is the best one.

How do we make it affordable?

We offer you two basic but significantly improved features of space – and, therefore – money saving on the market: data compression and deduplication. Both of these features are implemented into our storage and make Astorex a highly affordable and efficient storage solution. The more use you get from every bit of space on your storage – the less hardware you need to buy. Efficient usage of data also makes backup and recovery processes much easier and quicker.

We've improved it!

With the help of a wise and practical algorithms and components all data on Astorex storage is divided and compressed into neat blocks that are absolutely unique due to the instant elimination of any duplicated data and is easily compressed. Astorex data compression is highly effective and has a 3:1 ratio which means you can minimize the used physical space 3x whatever the size of the stored data is. Immensely advanced deduplication allows you to free the physical space on your storage up to 10 more times. We support variable sizes and variable offset dedup. But what’s more – both compression and deduplication are completely encryption friendly (including 256 AES encryption)! All for the sole purpose of having data bits packed close to each other and leaving no byte of the storage space unused.

SMR disks – or Shingled magnetic recording disks are a new but very promising technology that will soon make data storing even more easy and cost-effective. But none of the now existing storage solutions can actually benefit on this technology yet except for Astorex..

Why are SMR disks revolutional?

The main advantage of these disks is their enormous density of information writing and extremely high storage capacity. With narrower and overlapping tracks of data written on SMR disks it is possible to have 30% more information on SMR disk than on a usual one. However if you provide a typical workload to those disks then you will not get benefit of extra capacity.

We look into the future

Astorex is the only cloud storage to introduce compatibility with the cutting edge SMR-disks at all. And the compatibility has proved to be excellent. We are experts in SMR and have implemented a technology to efficiently use shingled disks at full capacity and with high performance. With this we offer additional 30% data reduction. By supporting SMR-disks usage Astorex makes a step forward and sets absolutely new standarts for data storing.

The term of cloud technology itself has been vague and unfathomable for vast audiences since it has appeared. And even today with the ubiquitous implementation of cloud products in our life and work it hasn’t become much clearer, even for the users. Astorex, however, presents a simple and elegant system - dealing with it you won't need any guidance at all.

Easy to install

One of our main goals was to make its product wise and simple. Unlike many storage offers out there Astorex doesn’t require professional skills or any sort of special experience to install and to use it. What you need in order to get the most of our storage - is simply have an OS, which can be easily downloaded from our server in less than 2 minutes. We’ve prepared all the required configurations to make the software installation process as smooth as possible.

Easy to use!

After that – you are free to enjoy all the advantages of our storage. You can add or remove disk by yourself. You can use a simple CLI tool or a Web application. There are no redundant layers - only folders and files and all the policies you can apply on this level. Our snapshot feature allows you to modify your data, delete it and rollback in seconds to get your data in a state it was 15 minutes, 2 days or even weeks ago. We give you opportunity to use Astorex storage on your own - without professional help and without fear of doing the wrong thingi!

Unlike many storage providers Astorex offers an all-in-one solution to meet all your demands and address all your use cases. Such multifunctionality is absolutely possible due to a wide range of features, components and compatibiities of our storage.

How you can use Astorex

Astorex storage is brilliant in its ability to adapt to any of your requests since it can do practically everything you'd ever want a cloud storage to do. We support NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, AOE, S3, SWIFT, HDFS protocols and provide you with all possible interfaces: File, Block , Object and even Hadoop. Moreover, Astorex is optimized for all media types - SSD/HDD/SMR - which you are free to mix in order to create your own rules of data storing.

as a backup storage

as a document/file sharing storage

as a storage for video streaming

as a generic File/Object/Block storage

as a network attached storage (NAS)

as a storage for virtual machines (on ESXi, OpenStack and other)

as a Hadoop storage