Unlike many storage providers Astorex offers an all-in-one solution to meet all your demands and address all your use cases. Such multifunctionality is absolutely possible due to a wide range of features, components and compatibiities of our storage.

How you can use Astorex

Astorex storage is brilliant in its ability to adapt to any of your requests since it can do practically everything you'd ever want a cloud storage to do. We support NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, AOE, S3, SWIFT, HDFS protocols and provide you with all possible interfaces: File, Block , Object and even Hadoop. Moreover, Astorex is optimized for all media types - SSD/HDD/SMR - which you are free to mix in order to create your own rules of data storing.

as a backup storage

as a document/file sharing storage

as a storage for video streaming

as a generic File/Object/Block storage

as a network attached storage (NAS)

as a storage for virtual machines (on ESXi, OpenStack and other)

as a Hadoop storage