What's Astorex?

Astorex is a scale-out storage solution for Cloud, Big Data and Virtualization that has practically no equals on the market  in terms of its complex approach. Our system is the most reliable, scalable, cost-effective and simple - and it's not just bare words.

1000x reliability, 100x scalability, 10x economy

We’ve built an exabyte scale distributed system that tolerates up to 6 simultaneous failures to provide you with up to 17 9’s of durability. In addition Astorex is able to significantly decrease footprint of your data with the help of advanced data deduplication, compression and efficient usage of SMR technology. We also offer all the enterprise features including encryption, snapshots, and replication. But however powerful Astorex system is it's as simple as a local file system and doesn't require any special skills to operate it.